marketing and web design agencies

Do you run a marketing or web design agency helping your clients to create new brand names and logos?

If so, have you ever considered that the possibility that someone else could already own the rights in the new brand name you have come up with which means that not only is your client at risk of having to stop using their name, but they may also have to pay compensation for infringing the other company’s rights?

And once a client has signed off their new brand name and logo, have you thought about offering to provide protection for their brand for many years to come?

Value-added Service

We can help you by offering both legal clearance checks (before client sign off) and brand protection advice (after client sign off) thus enabling you to provide a complete service to your clients whilst saving you the expense of taking on an in-house legal expert.

Fixed Fees

The majority of our work is carried out on the basis of fixed fees so as to give your clients maximum certainty when it comes to their legal costs. We offer a range of Brand Protection Packages to suit even the smallest of budgets and for established and growing clients, we also offer a full range of bespoke services which can be tailored to their individual needs.

Want to find out more?

To obtain a copy of our ‘Protecting A Brand’ handout specifically aimed at those running marketing and web design agencies with detailed information on the benefits of the services we can provide to your clients, please email us at