Copyright arises automatically in original literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works as soon as they are recorded in a physical form. Copyright exists therefore in a piece of writing, a photograph, a musical composition or the contents of a website.


Unless you create something in the course of your employment (in which case your employer will own the copyright), copyright is generally owned by the person who created the work.

However, if you use third parties such as external website designers or freelance photographers, they (not you) will automatically own the copyright in the materials/photos they create for you.

For this reason it is always recommended that they legally transfer the copyright to you by means of a written copyright assignment allowing you to use their materials for the purposes you require.  For details of our highly cost-effective Brand Protection Packages including our Copyright Assignment Package please click here.

Alternatively please contact us if you would like to discuss this, or any other aspect of copyright protection.

link between copyright and trade marks

If you plan to register a trade mark which includes a logo created by an external agency, it is vital that you ensure the copyright in the logo is owned by you otherwise they could try to prevent your trade mark from getting registered.

Liz Sproston provided me with copyright advice during an upsetting incident when a global blue chip client tried to claim ownership of my work. She responded efficiently and expertly, analysing the unique situation and representing my case, which closed the case promptly. I would not hesitate to use her services again.
Juliette Sawyer, Professional Commercial Photographer