trade marks

Whether you are a small, medium or large company your brand name and company logo may be one of your most valuable assets. 

Just because you have registered your company name at Companies House does not mean it cannot be challenged by someone with a similar name. 

The most effective way to protect your company brand name and/or logo is to register it as a trade mark for a number of reasons:

    • a registered trade mark makes it much easier and cheaper to bring action against a third party who copies or tries to trade off your name/brand.
    • a trade mark is an asset which could potentially be sold, assigned, franchised or licensed for considerable value in the future.
    • if you have a registered trade mark you are entitled to use the ® symbol which can itself act as a deterrent to others seeking to use a similar name/logo to you.

Trade marks give you an extra level of protection

trademarks protection

We offer the full range of services associated with the identification, filing and protection of your trade marks including those listed below.  For more details of our highly cost-effective Brand Protection Packages please click here:

  • Trade Mark Identification – we can help you to identify your company’s trade marks along with any other intellectual property assets within your business.
  • Pre-launch Clearance Check – many businesses make the mistake of choosing a new brand name or product name without checking to see whether anyone else has got there first.  This could prove very expensive if you were to go ahead only to be told to stop shortly after launch.  By carrying out a Legal Clearance Check on your proposed name and/or logo before you start to use them we can not only save you the cost of having to re-brand at a later date, but also advise on the chances of your name being successfully registered as a trade mark.
  • Filing a Trade Mark – we are able to file trade marks on your behalf in the UK, Europe and Internationally depending on the size and focus of your business.
  • Licensing your Trade Mark – once you have a registered trade mark you may want to licence it to manufacturers or other third parties. It is always recommended that you have a written Trade Mark Licence in place to protect your rights in case of dispute in the future.  We can draft a suitable Trade Mark Licence agreement for you and assist in any negotiations with the other parties concerned.
  • Assigning your Trade Mark – you may decide to sell your trade mark at some stage in the future or alternatively, you may be interested in purchasing a trade mark from someone else.  You will therefore need a Trade Mark Assignment in place which we can draft on your behalf.
  • Protecting your Trade Mark – have you noticed a competitor is using your trade mark, similar business name or branding to you which is affecting your business? We can help you to resolve such disputes with the aim of reaching a swift and amicable conclusion.
  • Franchising and Trade Marks – if you plan to franchise your business then having a registered trade mark in place is essential to maintain control over how your franchisees will be using your brand name and/or logo.

Did you know that trade marks last 10 years?

Trade marks last 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely for successive 10 year periods thereafter. So even though the cost of registering a trade mark may seem like an unnecessary expense, you should consider it a long term investment.  And the advantages it brings if someone else were to try to trade using your brand name are invaluable.