6 good reasons to register a European trade mark…

Do you already own a UK trade mark but your business has since expanded and you would like to be protected further afield? Or perhaps you are already operating in a number of EU countries but have not yet taken steps to protect your brand name or logo as a trade mark in these countries?

Here are 6 good reasons why registering a European trade mark (so-called “Community Trade Mark” or “CTM”) could make good business sense for you:

  1. Exclusivity – a European mark is valid in all EU member countries and will therefore give you exclusive rights to stop others using your name or logo throughout Europe.
  2. Single application – the application procedure is relatively straightforward as the application form can be completed in one language and submitted to a central administrative centre.
  3. Reduced costs – the cost of filing a European application as compared with filing separate national registrations in each country is considerably lower.
  4. Earlier UK registration – if you already have a UK trade mark and you file an identical European mark within 6 months, this may be backdated to the date of your earlier UK registration thus allowing you to benefit from the earlier protection.
  5. Prior rights – European trade marks are treated as prior rights in relation to all subsequent trade mark applications. This means that owners of European marks can not only protect their exclusive rights at a European level but also on a national basis in each of the EU member countries.
  6. Automatic extension to new member states – as and when new countries become EU members, your European Trade Mark will be automatically extended to cover these additional countries.

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